New Star Wars Rebels comic (German) for the Star Wars comic + English Translation

Our friends over at Jedi-Bibliothek have gotten their hands on an exclusive preview of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels comic which will be featuring in the German Star Wars comic, check it out below with the English translation for the series. While more aimed at the younger audience than the upcoming Star Wars: Kanan series from Executive producer Greg Weisman & Marvel, this is considered canonical.

These comics are being written by Martin Fisher & illustrated by Artist Bob Molesworth. Future issues will also have famous German artists including Ingo Römling. The comics are short stories of 12 pages each and will be released monthly.


English Translation:

VEZ: If that isn't Kanan Jarrus with his little squad of mercenaries! And even with a young newcomer. Are you that desperate that you also recruit children?

KANAN: Don't worry about the kid, he can take care of himself. We don't have time for 
pleasantries, so let's get straight to business.

VEZ: Did you have another skirmish with the Empire?
HERA: Ask Kanan. It was his idea. Here's a list of the parts we need in order to repair the Ghost. The money is aboard our ship. If you name us your price, then...

VEZ: Normally I would be glad to help you, but this is not your lucky day. Since your last visit, the Empire inspects us twice as often and every time I have to make sure there weren'tany traces of you left.
HERA: Do I even want to hear what you're getting at?

VEZ: You don't. I could just as well hand you to the Empire and cash in the reward. But because we've known each other for so long, I'll give you one chance. We'll do a race through the Fools' Run [Note: I have no idea what the English script said for "Narrenlauf", this is my own translation of the German term]. If I win, I get your ship and you lose everything. If you win, you get your ship and the parts you need and you are free to leave.

VEZ [unseen]: What do you say?

ZEB: I'm gonna have a word with him.
KANAN: Not now, Zeb. Hera, you can't agree to this.

HERA: I believe I can, Kanan. I accept your offer, Vez. But lasers are off-limits. Agreed?
VEZ: Agreed. I knew you wouldn't say no. See you outside.

BLOCK: A few minutes later...
ZEB: You should have let me "talk" to him.
KANAN: If I had known that Hera would agree, I would have let you...
HERA: I had no choice. Vez threatened us all and you know he would have sold us out to the 
Empire for money. Even with the damaged ship I can beat him. I know I can.

EZRA: What is the Fools' Run?
SABINE: Vez's private racing track between the asteroids that form this plantet's rings. It is pretty hard.
EZRA: But Hera is a brilliant pilot. If someone can do it, it's her.

SABINE: Ezra, no one has ever beaten Vez on this track. Believe me, thousands have tried and all have failed.

SOURCE: Jedi-Bibliothek

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