New synopsis for Episode 6 “Breaking Ranks” (Spoilers).

We have a new synopsis for the episode “Breaking Ranks” below, no information on who wrote or directed this episode yet and I’ve had to reword this as best I can due to the text coming from a German translation. If I’m able to find a better translation I will update this post.

(UPDATED) Florian from Jedi Bibliothek has very kindly provided a better translation now seen below.

The Rebels send Ezra (going by an alias) on an undercover mission into the Imperial Academy to steal a decoder. There, the boy meets two new friends, Zare and Jai, who, too, are among the best cadets. When Ezra learns that the Emperor wants to have the best cadets brought to him, he attempts to escape from the Academy with them. When they have almost made it, Zare decides to remain behind in the Academy because that was his only opportunity to find his missing sister again.

ezra academy via Jedi News

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