The Clone Wars mystery Character from “Lords of the Sith” Novel Revealed!

We heard a few months back along with the announcement of the new Canon that there would be four upcoming novels. One of these novels was by Paul S. Kemp and would be a novel primarily focusing on Darth Vader & the Emperor and would be named “Lords of the Sith“.

Paul S. Kemp also revealed on his blog that there would be a “Clone Wars” character making an appearance in his novel, & thanks to Making Star Wars through the recently released “star wars sampler app” from Del Rey we now know that, that character is Ryloth Freedom fighter, Cham Syndulla



It’s long been rumored & accepted that the Rebel pilot, Hera Syndulla is at least in some way a relation of Cham’s, so as some of my own speculation, I could definitely see the series referencing his demise through Hera’s backstory & “Lords of the Sith” telling that story within the canon. A definite possible example of how the upcoming novels will have a much closer relationship to the on screen content we’ll be getting than they have had before.


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