Star Wars Rebels book listings that reveal new details on Kanan Jarrus & Sabine Wren.

Some new details have been revealed about two of our Rebels, the Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus & Sabine Wren via the online book-publisher database, Edelweiss.

First up we have “Star Wars Rebels: The Secret Jedi: The Adventures of Kanan Jarrus: Rebel Leader” which is a 32 page book focusing on Kanan, written by  Ben Harper & is due to start hitting the shelves on February 3, 2015. The book promises to reveal new details about Kanan’s past including who his Jedi master was, how strong his force sensitivity is and more details on the type of lightsaber he wields and his fighting style. The book will also come with a toy holocron which we may have seen in the leaked trailer that came out in France recently. In addition to this, there will be seven tales told from Kanan’s perspective included which will be based on the first 10 episodes from the first season of Star Wars Rebels. This definitely sounds indicitive of how closely future Star Wars literature will link with the on screen Star Wars content.

Here’s a link to the Publishers summary.

The next book is “Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook” which is 96 pages long and due be released on Febuary 3, 2015 as well. This one is also similar to Kanan’s book in that it will be told from Sabine’s first person perspective (also much like Ezra’s that was revealed at Bookcon recently) and described Sabine as a 16 year old who is funny, creative and impulsive; an artist with spray paint and advanced weapons. Definitely not the typical Mandalorian…well except for the advanced weapons of course!

Here’s a link to the publishers summary.


Thanks to Jedi-Bibliothek for the heads up on this new information. #StarWarsRebels



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