CONFIRMED: Star Wars Rebels to premiere in October!

One of our good friends, Mathilde Machuel of “Star Wars Design” was kind enough to translate the recent French Star Wars Rebels trailer trailer that aired recently, among some new scenes, one of which includes Obi Wan Kenobi was the information that Star Wars Rebels will be airing in France in October. It’s already been confirmed that Rebels will be airing Internationally at the same time so it looks like we’ll be getting our premiere sometime in October on the Disney channel with the full series following that on Disney X D. #StarWarsRebels

obi wan kenobi


Here’s the full translation:

Voiceover: ” A legendary saga, a frightening empire…”

Agent Kallus: ” Please, pardon this intrusion, great Inquisitor”

Voiceover ” A new generation of heroes”

Obi Wan: ” May the Force be with you”

Voiceover: ” In October”

Ezra: ” Who are you exactly ?”

Sabine: “We’re a team, a family”

Voiceover: ” Discover the Force”

Kanan: ” Right now! ”

Voiceover: ” Fight the Empire”

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