Exclusive Star Wars Rebels clip description!

Our friend Logan from the WolfPack Podcast has written out this description of an exclusive Star Wars Rebels clip was shown last weekend at ‘Star Wars Weekends’ 2014 featuring Sabine Wren.

“Logan has written down a sypnopsis of the Sabine Clips shown at Star Wars Weekends 2014: The clip opens with storm troopers harassing citizens of lothal, a human male with head gear similar to McQuarrie art. The other citizen is a Rodian. The Stormtrooper in charge wore an orange Pauldron similar to a Sandtroopers. Sabine sneaks onto the TIE Fighter landing pad and begins tagging one of the fighters. Two Stormtroopers begin telling her to stop and finally result to raising they’re blasters and fire. Sabine dodges, runs and taunts the troopers for being so “by the book”. The troopers regroup to the officer with the Pauldron. While Sabine goes back to her tagged TIE Fighter. Remarking that it’s “missing something” she adds something that can’t be seen. The troopers find her tag again, one of them sounding very much like Dee Bradley Baker. One of the storm troopers leans in close to examine it only to find a bomb. We hear an “uh oh” before it explodes, Sabine has run back over the wall and uses a communicator to contact Hera aboard the ghost. The diversion has begun. Hera says “Thank you, we could see the explosion from here.” As the ghost flies by. We get a shot of the storm troopers splattered in blue paint. Sabine remarks “Never mind the explosion. Look at the colors” “




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