Star Wars Actor John ‘Dak’ Morton goes on record to clarify his recent comments regarding Star Wars Rebels & Episode VII

Actor from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ John ‘Dak’ Morton was recently interviews by Teddy Durgin to clear up some speculative comments he made at a recent conventions in England regarding ‘Star Wars Rebels’ & ‘Episode 7’.

It’s a really great interview but here’s a segment from the interview in regards to Star Wars Rebels.


TEDDY DURGIN: So, you were a featured guest and panelist earlier this month in England and Wales. You got into an onstage Q&A discussion on all things “Star Wars.” And, of course, the discussion turned to “Episode VII.”

JOHN MORTON: Yes, a LOT of attention was on “Episode VII.” There had just been the big reveals of the casting and production ramping up there in England, in fact. We were suddenly part of the rollout of “The Word.” At the same time, there was an odd realization that I had particularly at the Q&A in Wales. We said, “Show of hands… how many people are aware of ‘Rebels?’ And most didn’t know. So, the fact of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ being real and coming in September to the Disney TV network, they were unaware of.

TD: OK, let’s get you on record right here. Are you a part of “Star Wars Rebels” at all at this point?

JM: I am not a part of “Rebels” at all.

TD: So, you have not been hired to supply the voice of Boba Fett as has been reported online?

JM: I am definitely not the voice of Boba Fett. I don’t know where that came from.

TD: But you were on a panel, and you WERE Dak in “The Empire Strikes Back,” and “Star Wars Rebels” is set in a time where Dak is still alive. So, you theoretically at some point could be involved, yes?

JM: Yes. I think the timeline for “Rebels” is running about five years before the Battle of Yavin in “Star Wars” to Hoth and Echo Base in “Empire,” which is something like four years after. It would be the time of Dak’s backstory.

TD: So, naturally, you’re hopeful that there could possibly be an episode where we see Dak becoming a “Rebel.” And I think the fans are hopeful that all of those smaller characters, the X-wing fighter pilots, that we met in the Original Trilogy films like Biggs and Porkins and Wedge could possibly be worked into the series somehow.

JM: That was definitely the expectation of many of the fans who were aware of “Rebels” as it was being gestated. It was certainly my interest in pursuing everything I could and trying to find out what this series would be all about. Well, of course, it isn’t. They’re developing a storyline that is coincident with the storyline of “A New Hope,” the original movie. And none of these characters appeared in “A New Hope.” What “A New Hope” gave us is characters and their stories that brought about the end of the Empire. But there were obviously things going on elsewhere in the galaxy on the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim. This just happens to be a story they are developing that is about a completely different aspect of the Rebellion.

TD: Now let’s clarify some of the things that you said and speculated on during your Q&A with regards to “Rebels” that a number of “Star Wars” fan sites and other sources have picked up on and run as though you have insider knowledge. You said, “The characters they are creating in ‘Rebels’ will be seen in ‘Episode VII.'”

JM: Yes, but it may not be THE characters they are featuring right now, the main ones like Ezra Bridger and Sabine. I have no idea if they are going to be killed off or if they’ll survive the series. But if you look back at the various pronouncements of the people involved, they are talking about other characters coming in that may be animated representations of characters we’ll see again. When I was talking to the folks at Bernley, that’s really what I was talking about. The question was: “Which characters?!” Well, it’s ones that have not necessarily been discussed.

TD: And let’s be clear here. You don’t really have any official knowledge of what is going to be in “Episode VII.”

JM: No, absolutely not.

TD: Could you then clarify your previous statement that “‘Rebels’ will set up and point the direction of ‘Episode VII?'”

JM: The point I was trying to make there was there is a continuity. We are now being told that there is going to be a canonical through-line from the Prequels to “The Clone Wars” to “Rebels” to the Original Trilogy to “Episode VII” and the Sequel Trilogy. So I think obviously “Rebels” is going to be a key bridge to “Episode VII,” because it’s going to be an active bridge. It’s also, in terms of the Disney rollout timeline, it’s going to tee up “Episode VII” and give us all something to focus on and prepare us for “Episode VII” in the intervening period between now and December 2015. And in terms of the casting and character issues, I still strongly feel based on what has been said by the filmmakers themselves is that characters from “Rebels” will be in “Episode VII.” I don’t want to pretend to know which ones they will be. But I think I can say, with some certainty, that it will be ones we haven’t see discussed yet. An example could be Wedge Antilles [the Rebel pilot played by Denis Lawson who survived all three Original Trilogy films].

TD: Or it could be a droid character or an alien character that they don’t have to age.

JM: It’s entirely possible. It’s just my informed opinion, reading the tea leaves. It’s not an official opinion.

TD: And what they did with “The Clone Wars” was they sprinkled in Chewbacca and Governor Tarkin in an episode here and there. But they weren’t IN the series. A couple of sites have speculated that this new villain character called The Inquisitor in “Star Wars Rebels” might end up being Max Von Sydow’s character in “Episode VII.” They’re trying to match up the age and the physical look of the two. It’s the fun time of “Star Wars” in which we all get to speculate and dream. But it’s also the dangerous time where expectations get set up that don’t necessarily get met.

Source: Star Wars 7 News


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