Imperial Inquistors, Jedi Knights and Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels #Speculation

In the season 2 episode of Clone Wars “Children Of The Force” we see Darth Sidious hire the bounty hunter Cad Bane to steal a Jedi holocron with the intention of using it to locate young Jedi potentials and training them to become force sensitive spies & assassins. Although unsuccessful in his goal at this point in the story, I believe this idea has now been realized in the “Imperial Inquisitors”.

What Darth Sidious said in his hidden base on Mustafar is something that really caught my attention and is perhaps very telling.

“I foresee an army of force talented spies in my service, trained in the dark side to peer into every corner of the galaxy from afar”

“My enemies with be helpless against such vision”


This really gives us a good look at Sidious’s plans during and more importantly in Rebels case, after the clone war during the time of the rise of the Empire. A team of force sensitive beings trained in the dark side of the force, ready to root out and if necessary destroy the Emperors enemies, not least on that list of the Empires enemies would be the last remaining Jedi Knights.

It has been mentioned by those in the know that the tone of “Star Wars Rebels” will change significantly after the first three episodes, so by episode 4 we know that something is going to change in a dramatic way. My speculation is that the first 3 episodes will be about the beginning of our main heroes story, attempting to get out of their own situation that has begun of Lothal, escaping and while the main story arc of season 1 at least will center around battling the Empire and it’s influence on Lothal, by episode 4 I think we can expect to see the Imperial inquisitors enter into the series to track down our rebels, one of our rebel characters I believe will be a Jedi, and very possibly a certain Togrutan ex-Jedi. #StarWarsRebels


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